Sharing is Caring

We have achieved so much progress in the last year this is an opportunity to reflect. Sharing our successes and setbacks with you is part of our patron outreach initiatives. Because we are a family, we all share in memories. After all, on January 1, our family got bigger by …

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For Scholarships for Military Children, Hindsight’s 2020

Featured Image: Scholarship for Military Children logo with text School Year 2020

Hindsight’s 2020 for the Fisher House Foundation, which recently launched its Scholarships for Military Children program in collaboration with commissaries for the 2020 school year. This marks the 20th year of the program, which awards educational grants to the children of U.S. service members and celebrates the role that commissaries …

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Healthy Living

The season of thanks is not over yet. Your commissary and our patrons have so much to look forward to in the new year. Your Commissary benefit is expanding to millions more service members including veterans with service-connected disabilities, Purple Heart recipients, former Prisoners of War, and primary caregivers. These …

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Did You Know? Anyone Can Give The Gift of Groceries!

Gift The Gift of Groceries Featured Image

Giving The Gift of Groceries Did you know that anyone can purchase commissary gift cards, but only authorized commissary customers may redeem them? That means anyone can give the gift of groceries to military customers this holiday season – or any time of year! Separations created by the demands of …

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No Black Friday Around Here

Black Friday is over. If you were expecting some super awesome savings from your commissary, you didn’t get it. Well you did, just not in the way you would expect. We didn’t call it Black Friday from Your Commissary simply because we offer savings all year around. We roll out …

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Sonja’s Story: The Value of Mentoring Military Spouses

Sonja's Story: The Value of Mentoring Military Spouses Featured Image

While unemployment rates have decreased over the last decade, underemployment is still a pervasive issue. This rings true for Sonja, a 44-year-old military spouse who dreamed of a career in finance, but became a real estate broker instead. Moving “frequently and unexpectedly” during her husband’s 20 years of service in …

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Yes, We Recycle

And we are doing it better than ever.  We are on a one-agency mission to save the earth.  That’s right, we have big plans and they are even bigger than the ones we had before.  April 22nd is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and we are bringing our “A” …

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Recipe Challenge: A Barracks-Style Thanksgiving Feast!

Featured Image showing recipe on plate

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re bringing you another recipe challenge with a clear mission: preparing a Thanksgiving feast, barracks-style! We know not all of our customers live in single-family homes with full kitchens, but even if you live in single servicemember housing with only a microwave for cooking, you …

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Did You Know? Let’s Talk Turkey!

Featured Image: Did You Know? Let's Talk Turkey!

It’s November, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so let’s talk turkey! Speaking of turkey, did you know that Your Commissary offers resources to help you plan and save money on your holiday meal shopping? The 2019 Turkey Coupon Booklet Once again, we are teaming up with our industry …

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Price, Product, Promotion, Placement

The four “P’s” of selling good is a universal practice. You have to have a product, place it on the shelves, promote it and price it so it sells. Luckily for you, your commissary is adapting quickly to this concept but also turning up the heat. Our new marketing department …

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