The More the Merrier

We aren’t just a grocery store. It seems cliché. Every grocery store wants to be more than a grocery. To say you sell groceries is nothing exciting. I can pick up sushi at my local gas station (although I wouldn’t recommend that). Grocery stores are bland, generic and not exciting, …

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It’s Hurricane Season. Are You Ready?

Hurricane Season - Are You Ready? Featured Image

Although grilling season is already underway, according to the calendar, summer in the Northern Hemisphere won’t start until the Summer Solstice on June 21. Unfortunately, as spring winds to a close for the year, hurricane season is only starting! But preparedness is the best defense to this, so it’s time …

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Summer Sizzles

Summer is here. Your favorite TV show just ended. Football doesn’t start until August. Kids are almost out of school and temperatures are heating up. So much is changing and it’s hard to keep up. It seems like the only thing no changing is going to the same job every …

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