Our Commitment to You

Featured Image: Coronavirus Update

Admiral Bianchi discusses our commitment to you and expresses his gratitude to the military community as we all deal with the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Rewarding Rewards

We all like rewards. Rewards this, rewards that. An attempt to get you back in the store but also a way to track your shopping. Sneaky. Not cool, but rewarding for the company. Rewards vary from grocer to grocer. Some offer fuel points to make buying gas a little easier …

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What Are We Not?

Owners and managers of grocery stores are keen to build sales and profits. While specific sales and customer service goals are common with all retailers, certain retail management challenges can hinder a grocery store’s chance of achieving these objectives. Grocers have established clear points of differentiation in a highly competitive …

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Did You Know? Dietitian-Approved Healthy Living Resources

Featured Image: Did You Know? Dietitian-Approved Healthy Living Resources

“It’s a new year, new you!” I know, I know… it’s already February, so you’ve probably heard it a thousand times by now, if you’ve heard it once! Maybe you don’t want to reinvent yourself, but just start making healthier choices? Well, the good news is that you’ve come to …

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Steward of the Stew

The contributions of the Defense Commissary Agency go well beyond groceries. We are more than a grocery store. We want to be stewards of the stew we sell and protect all that is good and is in your pot. While DeCA continues to improve readiness and sustainability for our service …

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