My emotional support hamster.

Cute little thing isn’t he?  I need this furry friend to help with my day and accompany me wherever I go.  That includes shopping in the commissary. Federal law allows support animals to accompany me so don’t try to stop me and Little Hammie from coming in the store. Not …

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Healthy Lifestyle Festival 2018

Healthy Lifestyle Festival 2018 - Hosted by Commissaries, Exchanges & MWR Activities! Live Healthy and Save Big!

Are you ready to live healthy and save big?! If so, then you should check out our fifth annual Healthy Lifestyle Festival! This event is being offered on select dates at commissaries worldwide in conjunction with our partners from May through early July. If you’ve attended a Healthy Lifestyle Festival …

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What the price?

Sticker shock or a fantastic deal. Average price or save a few bucks. No one complains about getting a great deal but we certainly speak up when prices are high. I get it. You want a great deal all the time. You were promised the commissary benefit with your service …

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Raising Healthy Eaters

Raising Healthy Eaters - Two Kids with fruit - Fun and Tasty Heart - #KACH #Nutrition

Children continue to grow and develop physically, cognitively and emotionally from infancy through adolescence. Learning to enjoy new foods and developing feeding skills are important components of any life stage as children aim to gain full independence. According to Ellyn Satter, a world-renowned registered dietitian, who has devoted her life’s …

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