If I had a nickel

Well you can get a nickel. You may get a bunch of nickels…maybe even a whole bunch of nickels. I am talking, of course, about the Commissary Rewards Card. It is similar to retail store loyalty cards, except, a little better. I might be biased but they don’t pay for …

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6 Tips for Avoiding Exercise Injuries

Healthy Habits - 6 Tips for Avoiding Exercise Injuries

Our musculoskeletal system is robust and can adapt to most stresses encountered in training programs. This means that with adequate, balanced overload of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, all of these structures grow stronger and can withstand increased stress in the future. The key to minimizing the chance of …

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No, you make me a sandwich.

I can certainly make you a sandwich. The commissary system is a well-rounded and well-oiled machine. Part of that machine is the deli/bakery where you can get made-to-order cakes, sandwiches, cheeses, specific-cut meats and hopefully, a waiting smile. Moreover, not all commissary stores have a deli or a bakery. Overseas, …

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