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It takes a village

Repeat after me: it takes a village … of hard working employees … for the commissary system … to succeed. Actually, it probably takes more than a village. We have over 15,000 employees across 238 stores in 14 countries. That’s not just a village, it’s behemoth of moving parts. To …

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The world owes me

You may feel like the world owes you something, but what is achieved is through hard work and skill.  You cannot snap your fingers and expect half your problems to go away like, Thanos in Infinity War (no spoilers here).  I am referring to the hiring processes of DeCA.  While we make every …

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Your store director is not Superman

It’s a radical concept, I know. Your store directors are not Superman. They have no super powers. Nor can they fly, reverse time, lift buildings, reflect bullets or shoot lasers from deep blue eyes. Your store director has power but he cannot move mountains. However, they are responsible for the …

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If I had a nickel

Well you can get a nickel. You may get a bunch of nickels…maybe even a whole bunch of nickels. I am talking, of course, about the Commissary Rewards Card. It is similar to retail store loyalty cards, except, a little better. I might be biased but they don’t pay for …

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What the price?

Sticker shock or a fantastic deal. Average price or save a few bucks. No one complains about getting a great deal but we certainly speak up when prices are high. I get it. You want a great deal all the time. You were promised the commissary benefit with your service …

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