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Don’t Be Alarmed about Early Shopping Options

Don't Be Alarmed text with red alarm clock in background

Are early shopping options offered at commissaries all the same at all stores? Not quite… but don’t be alarmed! (About early shopping, that is… but if you are going to shop early, definitely set your alarm clock! Two totally different things, I assure you.) Before you decide to hit snooze …

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No, you make me a sandwich.

I can certainly make you a sandwich. The commissary system is a well-rounded and well-oiled machine. Part of that machine is the deli/bakery where you can get made-to-order cakes, sandwiches, cheeses, specific-cut meats and hopefully, a waiting smile. Moreover, not all commissary stores have a deli or a bakery. Overseas, …

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Three options are better than two

We have received a multitude of feedback on the use of baggers in the commissary; some for and some against. Before customers had only two options: go through the regular lines or go through self-checkout. Both had their perks and detriments. Self-checkout can be slow unless you have only a …

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