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Commissary Transformation

“Rack”ing up the Savings

Innovation drives change but partnerships drive success. Partnership provides the opportunity to offer unique value to you, the customer. The timing could not be better for another partnership that benefits you in more ways than we could have hoped. Sinus and flu season is hitting us hard, but luckily we …

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Your New Commissary Portal

Your commissary agency is constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience better. So it should be no surprise we developed a new customer portal tailored directly to you, the customer. We wanted to make shopping easier than ever and that starts by empowering our customers with the latest …

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We Care About You

It’s Family Meals Matter month and we care about you. Since your little hero is back to school by now, we are taking a hard look your family’s readiness and resilience. In keeping with commissary tradition, this means saving you money while making it easier for your family to stay …

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Let’s Reset

Okay, the store has been reset and now you can’t find anything. The aisles are rearranged, products are deleted and the store layout is confusing. Some customers’ rationale would be “DeCAs goal was to drive customers away to so we can close the commissary.” The opposite of that is “You …

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I get excited just by saying it.  You can almost feel the energy if you say it yourself.  Better than yep, the YES! campaign is here.  The YES! campaign is a new initiative aimed at ensuring that DeCA is providing patrons with great savings on a daily basis for many …

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Oh, so the commissary has its own brand now?

Commissary brands. Store brands.  Cheap brands.  Cheap on your wallet, not on quality.  Yes! Commissary brands are rolling out.  No. Commissary brands are not taking over.  The commissary’s private label will eventually reach 3,000 to 4,000 items in total.  That is a far cry from the tens of thousands of …

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Coming Soon: Commissary Store Brands!

Coming Soon: Commissary Store Brands Freedom's Choice HomeBase

Have you heard the big news about the new products coming to Your Commissary?! You asked us to shake things up, so we did! A recent survey revealed that 60% of our customers would be interested in the Commissary offering its own store brand products, and we’re granting your wish! Commissaries …

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