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Commissary History

The More the Merrier

We aren’t just a grocery store. It seems cliché. Every grocery store wants to be more than a grocery. To say you sell groceries is nothing exciting. I can pick up sushi at my local gas station (although I wouldn’t recommend that). Grocery stores are bland, generic and not exciting, …

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Beyond the Benefit


  The contributions of the Defense Commissary Agency go well beyond groceries. We are more than a grocery and to some, we are a way of life. While DeCA continues to improve readiness and sustainability for our service members, we want to go beyond the benefit. We want to be …

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David Dellinger

Every now and then we get to say goodbye to an extraordinary individual that made a significant contribution to the commissary. The time has come to recognize one of those people. David Dellinger worked with DeCA for the last 50 years as a contractor. Since he was 16 years old, …

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What’s the big deal anyway?

Camp Humphreys Grand Opening - Exterior shot of commissary

I have heard all the arguments.  Why do we need the commissary?  It’s just another grocery store.  The funding it requires is better suited for other military operations.  With so many options for groceries, we don’t need another.  There are six other grocery stores right outside the gate (or more).  …

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Honoring Vietnam War Veterans

March 29 is National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Today, March 29, is National Vietnam War Veterans Day, a national observance that recognizes military service members who served in the Vietnam War. We pause today to honor those who served here and reflect on the history of military commissaries during this conflict. The U.S. Navy opened Vietnam’s first American …

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