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What’s the big deal anyway?

Camp Humphreys Grand Opening - Exterior shot of commissary

I have heard all the arguments.  Why do we need the commissary?  It’s just another grocery store.  The funding it requires is better suited for other military operations.  With so many options for groceries, we don’t need another.  There are six other grocery stores right outside the gate (or more).  …

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My emotional support hamster.

Cute little thing isn’t he?  I need this furry friend to help with my day and accompany me wherever I go.  That includes shopping in the commissary. Federal law allows support animals to accompany me so don’t try to stop me and Little Hammie from coming in the store. Not …

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What the price?

Sticker shock or a fantastic deal. Average price or save a few bucks. No one complains about getting a great deal but we certainly speak up when prices are high. I get it. You want a great deal all the time. You were promised the commissary benefit with your service …

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Oh, so the commissary has its own brand now?

Commissary brands. Store brands.  Cheap brands.  Cheap on your wallet, not on quality.  Yes! Commissary brands are rolling out.  No. Commissary brands are not taking over.  The commissary’s private label will eventually reach 3,000 to 4,000 items in total.  That is a far cry from the tens of thousands of …

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Three options are better than two

We have received a multitude of feedback on the use of baggers in the commissary; some for and some against. Before customers had only two options: go through the regular lines or go through self-checkout. Both had their perks and detriments. Self-checkout can be slow unless you have only a …

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Where did my coffee go?

Many employees that work at the Defense Commissary Agency are also eligible shoppers of the commissary.  This gives us a unique ability to understand the ins and outs of the military resale network.  We even share in your frustrations that sometimes occur.  Decisions we make as an agency effect our …

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