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Sourcing the Source

Whether its non-GMO, organic, less packaging, home delivery or sugar-free, changes in buying habits drive changes at your commissary. The Defense Commissary Agency’s position in the Department of Defense promotes readiness of the service member by enhancing quality of life and quality of the community. Because of our mission, DeCA …

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Scholarships for Military Children

Scholarships for Military Children 2019 School Year

As if we couldn’t push out any more exciting news, we have decided to kick off the New Year with another “thank you.” We are always looking for ways to recognize the contributions of military families to readiness and celebrates the commissary’s role in enhancing military quality of life. I …

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Military Fit Family Essay Contest

Enter to Win a Cookout with Robert Irvine!

Every now and then we ask for a little something from our patrons. We do our best to provide the readiness and sustainability your military family needs. Since it is the season for giving, your moment has arrived. First, let me tell you the good news. You’ve seen him tear …

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Produce to Produce

farmer picking tomatoes

Warning: touchy subject ahead. I am talking about produce. They’re green, leafy and guaranteed to be rejected by children everywhere. They are also good for you and we want you to eat them … even if you are stationed in, say, Korea. No matter where you are stationed, our goal …

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You Are Not in Kansas Anymore

So you PCS’d or went TDY to another base, a different base. Maybe it is one state over or across the country. Maybe it is an entirely different country. No matter where you are, you are not in Kansas anymore. The culture is different. The people are different. The accent …

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David Dellinger

Every now and then we get to say goodbye to an extraordinary individual that made a significant contribution to the commissary. The time has come to recognize one of those people. David Dellinger worked with DeCA for the last 50 years as a contractor. Since he was 16 years old, …

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Your New Commissary Portal

Your commissary agency is constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience better. So it should be no surprise we developed a new customer portal tailored directly to you, the customer. We wanted to make shopping easier than ever and that starts by empowering our customers with the latest …

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We Care About You

It’s Family Meals Matter month and we care about you. Since your little hero is back to school by now, we are taking a hard look your family’s readiness and resilience. In keeping with commissary tradition, this means saving you money while making it easier for your family to stay …

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How did they build the pyramids?

Apparently, with skills, planning and lots and lots and lots of manpower. It would not be possible without plans, leadership and work ethic. This holds true to the management structure of the commissary system. Each is necessary and each has its place. The hierarchy lets us build the pyramids in …

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Let’s Reset

Okay, the store has been reset and now you can’t find anything. The aisles are rearranged, products are deleted and the store layout is confusing. Some customers’ rationale would be “DeCAs goal was to drive customers away to so we can close the commissary.” The opposite of that is “You …

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