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Collaboration: A Military Resale Thing

One of the latest additions to Your Commissary and Exchange is so simple that you might not have noticed it, but we certainly hope you’ll notice the added convenience it offers you!

Buy A Gift Card, Here or There!

We have built upon the success of our reciprocal agreement with the Navy Exchange Command (NEXCOM) for gift card sales by announcing the same kind of agreement with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) .

This means we’re working with both of these military resale partners to sell their gift cards in our stores, while their exchanges sell commissary gift cards. We hope this expanded partnership will make it that much more convenient to give gifts to your loved ones in the military community.

“Collaboration for commissaries and exchanges is important when it comes to supporting our most deserving customers…

In this regard, it isn’t a commissary thing. It isn’t an exchange thing. It’s a military resale thing.

Bob Bunch
Gift Card Program Manager, Defense Commissary Agency

This comes as DeCA and the individual military service exchange organizations have met annually for the past three years to identify partnership opportunities to strengthen the value of military resale as a whole, leading to innovations like:

  • commissaries accepting MILITARY STAR cards as payment
  • military retailers working together to better communicate how we serve as a force multiplier for healthy living, in support of military readiness and resilience
Commissary gift cards for sale at NEX
Commissary gift cards are displayed for sale in the front of a NEX store, by the registers.

Delivering Value and Convenience

While collaboration like this is certainly a military resale thing, it’s also ultimately a military community thing, as we focus on how we can partner to deliver more value and convenience to our military customers!

Under this particular partnership, both DeCA and AAFES are offering open-value gift cards:

  • You may load $5-$1,500 to an AAFES gift card for sale in a commissary. According to AAFES, these cards may be used at any Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard exchange worldwide, as well as at ShopMyExchange.comMyNavyExchange.com and ShopCGX.com.
  • You may load $5-$300 to a commissary gift card for sale in an exchange store. You may use these cards worldwide at any commissary operated by DeCA. (You may also use them at our stores that offer CLICK2GO – our online shopping and curbside pickup service – to pay for your order curbside!)

“The Exchange and commissary are working together for the good of the military community, bringing convenience and value to all who serve. Both retailers are all-in to support our warfighters and their families.”

Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Luis Reyes
Senior Enlisted Advisor, Army & Air Force Exchange Service (Exchange)

Here A Gift, There A Gift…

gift card with bowWe like to remind everyone that anyone can purchase the gift of groceries to give to a military family or service member. (Of course, only authorized customers may redeem them.)

Now, your options for military shopping gifts and convenient options for purchasing them in stores have increased! Have you purchased a commissary gift card in an exchange store, or vice versa? If so, then please let us know in the comments below! Who did you purchase it for and why? We’d love to know your story!

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