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Waking Up to a New Commissary

Well it certainly isn’t how we thought 2020 would go.  Our lives have completely changed over the past couple months.  We have had to adapt and change, and grow together.  We learned new skills and remembered old ones.  We came together as a nation and as a community.  Our Armed Forces were especially adaptable to the changing crisis and we pulled through with great integrity.  While we may not ever get back to complete normal, I doubt anyone remembers what that was like.  That goes for the commissary, as well.

Waking up to a new commissary doesn’t mean we still aren’t your commissary.  Even though our employees are now required to wear masks, we are still giving away those gentle smiles that say “hello and welcome.” Even though we now have to operate behind a shield of plastic to protect both of us, we still see you.  Even though we limited the purchase amount of eggs, meat and other products, we still serve all of our eligible patrons.  Even though we restrict the number of personnel in the store, we continue to open our arms and our hearts to you.  The motto of “It’s Worth the Trip” truly came to shine these last couple of months. 

While you see the material changes in your stores, the heart of the commissary is still in the benefit … and we are delivering.  Our industry partners are assisting us daily in procuring and preparing items for shipments to Japan, Korea, and Europe via air and sealift. We are increasing deliveries to our overseas commissaries, including shipments of high demand items such as hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes.  Moreover, we aren’t slowing down on sales either.  Commissaries worldwide are offering extra savings on commissary store brand products. 

As always, we continue to serve the military community and deliver the benefit.  It is likely we will see more changes to your commissary in the future.  We will adapt and overcome again to meet any new challenges in the way of completing the mission.  Your commissary remains yours and the employees are just as human as they ever were.  There is no doubt the last few months have changed the way we deliver the benefit for the better.  These last few months are a reminder that we are all in this together.

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