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Mother and daughter with face masks

Springing Back from The May You Weren’t Expecting

Friday will be Military Spouse Day, Sunday will be Mother’s Day and May is Military Appreciation Month all month long! But let’s be honest: the May you’re getting — and the foreseeable future, for that matter — is definitely NOT the one you would have expected!

The reality is, you might be frustrated with that; you might not feel sure about how to celebrate observances like these right now, or if you should even be celebrating in the midst of this historic pandemic. All of that is perfectly appropriate to feel, but as your Consumer Advocate, here’s what I know about the members of the military community: 

YOU ARE RESILIENT! YOU ARE STRONG! And the only way that any of us will get through this is by taking appropriate safety measures, including socially distancing physically, while continuing to learn on each other emotionally and face these challenges as a community. That’s why it’s important to keep our spirits up by celebrating each other every chance we get!

Celebrating Our Military Community

Let’s celebrate our military, serving overseas and domestically, whether in theaters of war or hospital ships and other medical facilities.

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsmen prepare for COVID-19 screening

Let’s celebrate the military spouses who have made sacrifices to follow their beloved service members around the world and are worrying about them even more right now.

service member and spouse holding hands

Let’s celebrate the mothers who may be juggling working and having children at home, tackling homeschooling for the first time or missing their grown children, whom the pandemic prevents from visiting.

mother working from home with her kids

Springing Back: Your Commissary Supports You

One of the definitions of being resilient is “springing back,” and maybe that’s what this spring will be about: our military community coming together and springing back in the face of a global challenge that’s almost unimaginable in scale.

Commissary employees disinfect shopping carts

We know there have been a lot of changes lately at Your Commissary, but please know that we are doing our best to faithfully support the military community as safely as possible so you can support each other in serving the nation. To our military service members, spouses and mothers: we salute you and we’re here for you, during this time of crisis and always.

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