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Featured Image: 2020 Coloring Contest

Earthrise: Military Kids, Let Your Inner Artist (Sun)shine!

We may not always be certain of which day it is at the moment, because they’re all running together for those of us who are able to isolate at home. But we know the year is 2020, and we’ve definitely come to expect the unexpected since Earth began another trip around the sun, just a few months ago! Fortunately, in the midst of all this change, some things remain consistent, like the celebration of Earth Day and Your Commissary offering a spring coloring contest during the Month of the Military Child!

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, as of April 22, which is a wonderful cause for celebration – and it’s uplifting for all of us to have something we can celebrate right now! You may have seen the images in the media recently showing pollution clearing from the skies and from bodies of water, as well as wildlife emerging into areas you wouldn’t normally expect to see as human activity has decreased. It’s a timely reminder that we all make our own impact on the world each day, whether that may be limiting the spread of disease or making environmentally-conscious choices.

Little boy draws picture of Earth with colored pencils

Another major celebration that we usually highlight in April is the Month of the Military Child! Children of service members deserve to be celebrated for the sacrifices they make in the normal course of military life, and even more so now, during this crisis. Although we have had to cancel or postpone our normal store events, including our normal Month of the Military Child coloring contest, we hope that this online coloring contest for Earth Day will still be a great way we can honor both celebrations and offer military kids a safe and fun way to get involved from home.

Earth Day Coloring Contest

Clean Up. Green Up!
Click the image to download the coloring page!

Clean up. Green up! We invite your military child to get creative with this year’s theme – “Earthrise” – as he or she fills in the coloring page, which you may download by clicking the image above or visiting www.commissaries.com/color.

Here’s How Your Military Child Can Participate:

  • Download and print out the artwork using one of the links shared above.
  • Have your military child 11 years of age or younger gather his or her crayons, colored pencils, etc., and color something beautiful for Mother Earth.
  • Submit a picture of your military kid’s creation to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts (you can find us on all of these channels @YourCommissary), along with the following information, no later than April 29, 2020:
    • Name of Commissary/Installation
    • Branch of Service
    • First and last initials of the name of the artist
    • Age of the artist

Contest Rules & Prizes

Please visit our website to review the complete contest rules. Entries will be judged based on the following artist age categories: 0-6 and 7-11. If your military child is selected as a winner, we’ll reach out to you for more information.

Originally, we were expecting the top winners to each be awarded a case of reusable shopping bags profiling their works of art. However, in response to the pandemic, the use of reusable shopping bags in the commissary has been prohibited, so the prize for winning the Earth Day Coloring Contest has been changed. The contest will continue. and winners/prizes will be announced at a future date.

Military Kids, Let Your Inner Artist Shine!

little girl drawing in sunshine

It’s time to get your military kids excited and involved in this coloring contest, in honor of these two important celebrations! We can’t wait to see their works of art! Will your child be participating?

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