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Our Commitment to You

Dear Commissary Family,

Admiral Bianchi
Rear Adm. (Ret.) Robert J. Bianchi

I thank you for your patience and support as we all deal with the coronavirus pandemic. These are challenging times, but you, our valued customers, as well as our front line employees, have stepped up to this challenge and have been doing an outstanding job supporting our great nation, as we are all in this together. Never has it been more true that our actions are upholding our proud tradition of, “Quality First, People Always.”

Throughout this pandemic, our 13,000 dedicated employees have been at the epicenter of installation-level support by providing grocery products to you in 236 stores worldwide. Because of this, our stores were designated mission-critical, and we appreciate the tremendous responsibility of being one of your valued lifelines, while doing our part by deploying protective measures to assist with decreasing the spread of the virus. In a sense, we took on a wartime posture to beat this virus, while executing our national defense mission in providing food items from approved food sources.

The safety of our customers, our dedicated employees and the military community as a whole remains the Defense Commissary Agency’s #1 priority during this unprecedented challenge. All of our commissary locations are following, at a minimum, the Centers for Disease Control [and Prevention] and Department of Defense guidance, specifically regarding sanitary measures and social distancing. We have also instituted the added additional protective measure of requiring everybody who enters our stores to wear face coverings. All of these initiatives have one goal: to ensure the safest and healthiest environment we can provide.

Our Commitment to You

From a product availability standpoint, we are working with our industry suppliers to support the needs of all of our stores. Together, we are collectively focused on addressing the challenges that impact the timely delivery of products to our stores. We’re increasing deliveries to commissaries where the need is greatest – especially overseas. We will continue to fully sustain this level of support throughout the duration of the crisis.

I [could not] be more proud to be part of the Defense Commissary Agency at this time, as we serve the greatest customers in the world and maintain your quality of life, while preserving readiness. so you can complete any mission assigned – this is our imperative! We will remain an unshakable commissary benefit for you, our valued service members, retirees, family members and new veteran groups!


Rear Adm. (Ret.) Robert J. Bianchi
Special Assistant for Commissary Operations
Department of Defense

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