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Rewarding Rewards

We all like rewards. Rewards this, rewards that. An attempt to get you back in the store but also a way to track your shopping. Sneaky. Not cool, but rewarding for the company. Rewards vary from grocer to grocer. Some offer fuel points to make buying gas a little easier on the wallet. But you have to come back and use it only with them. Some don’t have a reward cards at all. They just operate on price so they can’t really give anymore discounts than that. There is even the nifty and time consuming rewards that you have to exchange for random stuff you might not even use. Not really rewarding. Only rewarding for the company since you are voluntarily giving them your purchasing habits profile.

Where is the reward for you? You shop, spend money and keep the company afloat. Where is your reward for doing that? How about some really rewarding rewards? Of course you know by now we don’t really have a rewards card. You don’t get anything back for using it but you can clip coupons to use in the store. There is more to rewards than that, however. We want to reward you with rewarding rewards … and what is more rewarding than your health. Our Food Safety programs are responsible for keeping you in a state of readiness. Approved food source requirements keeps ups safe from biological terrorism and is providing daily oversight to ensure that our food sources remain safe to consume. No other entity has this. You are rewarded with healthier food, safer food and a healthier and stronger body.

How else do we pay you back? With actual money. Congress not only insists we are financially sound but our host installations demand this, as well. Any military members or families who are struggling with low income or food insecurity will see rewarding rewards by shopping at the commissary. Even for families that may not qualify for supplemental nutrition programs – but still struggle to put food on the table – we are there safety net, more so overseas because the food pantry system afforded Americans does not exist. Commissary savings combined with other assistance such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or the government’s Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) helps them maximize food budgets. SNAP benefits of $200 can turn into over $250 in actual groceries purchased. You literally are getting rewarded to shop at your commissary.

For every WIC redemption that occurs in our commissaries, USDA is saving money because we offer commissary savings. This allows for a decreased need for WIC allocation and/or using WIC food funds to serve more in need. So you get rewarded, your commissary gets rewarded and those in need get rewarded. Rewards for everyone. Rewarding rewards. No other grocer can claim that.

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