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What Are We Not?

Owners and managers of grocery stores are keen to build sales and profits. While specific sales and customer service goals are common with all retailers, certain retail management challenges can hinder a grocery store’s chance of achieving these objectives. Grocers have established clear points of differentiation in a highly competitive price/value-based environment. While some grocers of the world are engaged in a race to the bottom in the grocery war of price, others seem content with charging you your whole paycheck for organic. Neither of these scenarios is winnable and neither is a poster-boy for what your commissary means to the service member.

Luckily your commissary is not a grocery store. It seems foreign to declare that your commissary is not a grocery store. Selling groceries is part of what we do, but it isn’t who we are. I say part because we are much more. To truly understand the benefit of your commissary, we really have to understand what we are not. For starters, we would never charge you your whole paycheck for organic. That certainly won’t help your readiness and family lifestyle. We cannot be involved in the price war with an entity that has only two cashiers open for a warehouse of a store. Plus, none of our stores are that big. We hear their customer service isn’t that great either. We prefer to provide you with more variety than just a couple of pasta sauces. Our bathroom standards are higher than your mid-range grocer. We’d love to sell you everything at $1 but we just … we just can’t. I guess what I’m trying to say is “we are not just a grocery store.” We sell groceries, sure, but we do much more. We sell quality products to military veterans and their families to enhance readiness and increase quality of life.

That involves much more than saving you a couple bucks on that box of cereal. We are different. It’s a unique shopping experience. That experience doesn’t change simply because you are in a different host country. Our history is much more than just selling groceries we have a national defense mission to ensure that our food supply to the military is guarded against the evil forces in the world. Our product selections are specifically designed to support the local population and our customer service should make you feel at home. We combine all the qualities of good grocery retailers into a unique package. We are the price of Aldi, we have the organic selection of Whole Foods and the speedy check out of Dollar General. We are all of these things and a great combination of the best of each.

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