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Featured Image: Did You Know? Dietitian-Approved Healthy Living Resources

Did You Know? Dietitian-Approved Healthy Living Resources

heart health“It’s a new year, new you!” I know, I know… it’s already February, so you’ve probably heard it a thousand times by now, if you’ve heard it once! Maybe you don’t want to reinvent yourself, but just start making healthier choices? Well, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn how!

If you made a New Year’s resolution, you may have already fallen off the bandwagon, but February is American Heart Month, so it’s another excellent opportunity to start making more heart-healthy choices.

Did you know that Your Commissary can meet your health and wellness needs with dietitian-approved healthy living resources?



Our official website features a Healthy Living section, which offers dietitian-approved recipes, Thinking Outside The Box meal solutions, Healthy Habits articles and links to other resources.

What are “Thinking Outside The Box” meal solutions?

These quick meal solutions are healthy, economical and designed to fit your busy lifestyle. They may even offer tips on how to make use of any leftovers!

These meal solutions:

  • feature a key nutrient
  • offer nutrition education that aligns with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • often teach how to make a tastier and healthier version of a high-fat or high-calorie dish
  • are designed to be simple to prepare, even for a novice cook with limited equipment!

Better Than Takeout! Shrimp Fried Rice

Better than Take-Out! Shrimp Fried Rice with Dietitian Approved Thumbs-Up icon

By using the recipe featured in this meal to prepare shrimp fried rice at home, you can cut the number of calories by more than half, while increasing your lean proteins and vegetables for a fraction of the cost of takeout! (To learn more, click the button below to view and download this meal solution from our website.)

View “Better Than Takeout! Shrimp Fried Rice” Meal Solution

Commissary Connection Blog

Did you realize this blog also has its own Healthy Living section, which includes Healthy Habits and Recipe Challenge posts? Our Recipe Challenge posts are designed to be very interactive, so get involved, comment and share your recipe ideas to learn how to apply the concepts our dietitian teaches!

Recipe Challenge Guidelines

  1. We share a Thinking Outside The Box meal solution or another recipe our dietitian has created.
  2. We challenge you to comment on the post to share your recipe or tell us how you would tweak ours to make it your own, while following the dietitian-approved nutritional parameters we provide.

Sales Flyers

Our sales flyers showcase the current Thinking Outside The Box meal solution, and often offer products at special savings (as much as 20% off our already low prices) that may be used as ingredients. These flyers also feature dietitian-approved recipes in their “Produce Stand” and “Meat Case” sections.


Recipe Posters

Your Dietitian-Approved Commissary Recipe PostersMany commissaries now showcase dietitian-approved recipes and photos of the prepared dishes on posters each week. The location of these posters in stores may change based on each recipe’s featured ingredients, which stores may highlight on neighboring product displays.

West Point Commissary Store Director Carol Robertin shared the story of how a commissary customer made these posters part of her family’s dinner routine:

“She tells us she loves shopping the recipe of the week display because it is their surprise meal that they cook every Wednesday. The family loves it because they wind up making recipes they normally wouldn’t think to make.”

Preventing Heart Disease

DeCA’s Health & Wellness Program Manager, Deborah Harris, offers customers some tips about making choices that can help support heart health:

  • choosing products featuring:
    • whole grains
    • leafy green vegetables
    • certain berries
    • lean proteins
    • dark chocolate
    • omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish and nuts
Tip: Strive to eat fatty fish, such as such as 3-4 oz. of salmon, herring, mackerel or albacore tuna, at least twice per week!

“We are committed to helping our customers make the best shopping decisions possible to prevent heart disease, so for their ultimate heart health, it matters what they put in their shopping cart.”

Deborah Harris, MPH, RD, CDE (Masters of Public Health, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator)

Do you make use of Your Commissary’s healthy living resources for your meal planning or have any questions about how to use them? If so, then please let us know the comments below!

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