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No Black Friday Around Here

Black Friday is over. If you were expecting some super awesome savings from your commissary, you didn’t get it. Well you did, just not in the way you would expect. We didn’t call it Black Friday from Your Commissary simply because we offer savings all year around. We roll out promotions all year and we like to keep patron savings steady and significant. So we hope you stayed home and enjoyed the savings on that Thanksgiving turkey that only cost $0.48/lb. By the way, you can take advantage of the exclusive savings on select frozen turkeys all the way to December 31. So buy another one for that Christmas feast.

Like I said, we want to take those savings that other stores give you a few times a year and make the all –year savings at your commissary.  The savings on holiday turkeys is just one little sale.  You can use our Turkey Booklet for savings of $21 off a turkey with qualifying holiday meal purchases.  Your Commissary beef and pork savings are still ongoing.  We have a Super Soda Savings coming up.  This special will give you savings of 45 percent on four 12 packs of soda from Dec. 20 to 31, but only in CONUS, Alaska and Hawaii.  Not to mention Your Everyday Savings (YES!) provides savings on items you need every day.  Don’t forget, you can combine coupons from your Rewards Card for even more savings.

So we like to call this the “Not Black Friday Sale” sale. It’s a sale after sale after sale and not just one day of the year. Moreover, we want you to be able to take advantage of your benefit so we have expanded store hours around Christmas. Many stores will now be open Christmas Eve and the day before. As always, we invite you to check your specific store hours here: https://commissaries.com/shopping/store-locations. So like I said, “no black Friday around here.”

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