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Price, Product, Promotion, Placement

The four “P’s” of selling good is a universal practice. You have to have a product, place it on the shelves, promote it and price it so it sells. Luckily for you, your commissary is adapting quickly to this concept but also turning up the heat. Our new marketing department stood up two years ago in order to truly figure out what our customers are looking for. With the success of our private label program, new commissary store brands are appearing just in time for holiday savings. Commissary store brands are sold under seven names: Freedom’s Choice (food items) and HomeBase (non-food items); along with TopCare (health and beauty), Full Circle Market (natural and organic food options), Tippy Toes (baby products), Flock’s Finest (wild bird food for hopper, tube or platform feeders); and Pure Harmony (high-quality) pet food that provides grain-free options using meat, poultry or fish as the first ingredient. Future products include additional bath tissue options, Everything Bagel Spice, canned and bagged coffee, sparkling water, pizza sauce and organic cereal bars.

The marketing department is busy informing patrons about products and promotions. The savings continue as commissary promotions and events honor our veterans. Customers should check with their store for details or visit their store page to verify what’s available. The commissary has added to the beef and pork savings package that is ongoing. Commissaries worldwide will offer limited weekly quantities of frozen turkeys at 48¢ per pound. Available quantities of frozen turkeys are expected to increase closer to Thanksgiving but you can still pick up your own sooner than that. Furthermore, the commissary and its industry partners are teaming up to offer a coupon booklet saving more than $21 off a turkey with qualifying holiday meal purchases.

We might have the finest PPPP team on the planet, though I may be a little biased. We no doubt are kicking it into high gear for the holidays. Even as our current promotions end, we will have more new and exciting ones. We will use our variable pricing to push down the cost of those higher priced items, all while keeping prices low on our YES! items. Our expanding private label products means even more savings for you. Moreover, we are really putting the pressure on our distribution team to improve the placement of our product and fill those empty shelves. By the time the New Year rolls around, you will see many more items to fill your shopping cart at amazing prices.

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