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Featured Image: Did You Know? Energy Action Month

Did You Know? October is Energy Action Month

The Impact of Energy

In October, we highlight the important of energy conservation and resilience efforts to our country. This observance is often referred to as National Energy Awareness Month or Energy Action Month.

During National Energy Awareness Month, we recognize the role the energy industry has played in our Nation’s success, and we look forward to continued energy developments that will help our economy and the American people.

Presidential Proclamation on National Energy Awareness Month, 2019

In addition to the obvious environmental and economic impacts that the use and conservation of energy has on our country, energy is also vitally important to our national defense.

Energy is an essential enabler of military capability and the Department depends on resilient and cyber-secure energy to achieve its mission…

Together, our efforts to enable resilient, efficient and cyber-secure energy will directly improve warfighter capability.

The Honorable Robert H. McMahon, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment, October 2019 – National Energy Awareness Month Memo

Your Commissary Supports Energy Conservation

Did you know that Your Commissary practices many techniques for energy conservation? In fact, when compared to commercial supermarkets, we estimate that commissaries are about 40% more energy-efficient! We have also reduced our annual water use by 30% since 2007.

DeCA has been a leader when it comes to energy conservation.

Kyle Seiling, Energy Program Manager, Defense Commissary Agency

Other ways that we strive to conserve energy include:

  • Replacing less-efficient lighting with natural light and LED bulbs
  • Using glass doors on most of our refrigeration cases
  • Using heat discharged from our refrigeration systems to supplement heat in our HVAC and hot water systems
  • Dehumidifying our sales areas to help our refrigeration systems save energy

Plus, we are testing the use of newer refrigeration technology and natural refrigerants at some locations, which can help protect the environments and conserve energy.

Your Commissary Helps You Support Energy Conservation, Too!

Energy Action Month poster
Look for this tag on Your Commissary’s shelves and displays!

Commissaries are highlighting energy-saving products in support of Energy Action Month to help you do your part to conserve the nation’s energy resources.

Look for the tag displayed to the left on store shelves and displays to help you easily identify energy-efficient LED lightbulbs and high-efficiency (HE) laundry detergents when shopping at Your Commissary, through November 3.

We also offer reusable shopping bags and products with reduced packaging for sale in our stores throughout the year.

How do you work to conserve energy in your life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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