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Have You Taken Our New Customer Survey Yet?

Your Commissary’s Customer Experience Purchaser Survey

The Customer Experience Purchaser Survey is the first survey we’re offering through ForeSee®, our new customer survey platform, which is also used by NEXCOM and commercial grocers. Have you tried it yet?

Commissary receipt with survey information highlighted
You’ll find the survey invitation at the bottom of your receipt, which we’ve highlighted on this sample.

We launched the new survey at all commissaries worldwide this summer after testing it at 35 locations. The new platform replaced a previous receipt survey offered through SurveyMonkey®.

You may access the survey by visiting the link printed at the bottom of your receipt, which is https://mydeca.me/receipt, and completing the survey within 7 days of your purchase date.

It’s important to hold onto your receipt, because it will have valuable information you’ll need to complete the survey, such as:

  • Purchase Date
  • Transaction Number
  • Terminal Number

Delivering The Best Commissary Benefit

We know you’re busy, so right about now, you’re probably wondering why you should spend your valuable time taking this survey. What’s in it for you?

Well, it’s all about using your feedback to improve the shopping experience at Your Commissary! This new survey tool offers advantages that will help us to accomplish this, including:

  • Providing us with a real-time view of survey results
  • Generating automated reports that will help us to pinpoint the key drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Empowering us to compare commissary performance with the performance of the commercial grocers that use ForeSee®

“Instead of snapping a chalk line once a year, as we do with our annual Commissary Customer Service Survey, we’re going to be able to get feedback on a daily basis and the store managers will be able to act on it. We’ll be able to see it. It will be usable data. I am excited about that, because that will allow us to transform more quickly, while adapting to feedback that we’re getting from our customers.”

-Retired Rear Adm. Robert J. Bianchi, DoD Special Assistant for Commissary Operations

The Future of Customer Feedback at Your Commissary

This new survey tool is only the beginning! We have plans for future surveys through this platform, such as offering targeted surveys through social media and our website.

Of course, if you have specific feedback, you can always share it with your store director or contact us through our website’s Customer Comment Form. Plus, we recently added the comment form to the MyCommissary customer portal, for the convenience of our customers who might already be logged in to the portal and prefer to contact us through there.

We want to know how we can serve you better, so we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us! Have you tried the new Customer Experience Purchaser Survey yet, or do you plan to try it after your next shopping trip? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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