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Save Me the Cost

The trouble with the Commissary Agency is we are good at our jobs. We exist because we do it better than everyone else. We have to. We have the best customers in the world. Well it should be no surprise that we are winning again. As you may know, we are mandated by Congress to maintain a certain level of patron savings in all regions of operation. This develops the readiness of our forces and enhances the quality of life for America’s military and their families. The cost of doing this business is operating one of the smallest government agencies in the Republic.

Well it should be no surprise that quarter three patron savings increased in almost every area of operation. This includes an increase in patron savings from 22.2% in quarter 2 to 22.7% in the US. Moreover, year-to-year savings of quarter one also increased. In fiscal year 2018, quarter one patron savings sat at 19.7%. Quarter one patron savings in fiscal year 2019 reached 21.9%. Savings also increased dramatically in some of our areas of interest. Pacific area stores saw a year-over-year increase in savings of 13% as savings rose from 21.5% to 24.6%. This is great news for our overseas troops and a well-deserved gift for the upcoming holidays. Even high cost areas like Alaska and Hawaii saw an increase in savings from 30.8% to 33.1%. Imagine having the opportunity to save 33% on your grocery bill each and every time you shop. That’s the power of the Commissary Agency.

This is not the end-all for us. We will continue to meet and exceed our goals through our commitment to patron satisfaction to help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country. When we succeed, you succeed. When you succeed, America succeeds. Sustaining and improving patron savings is our end goal that will benefit America’s military for centuries to come.

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