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Nature, Mother

Hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and storms. We call it Mother Nature and it has been a mother to us. Luckily the commissary agency is able to turn the tables and be a mother, too. Fires and earthquakes in California didn’t stop us. Flooding in the mid-west didn’t stop us. Hurricanes won’t stop us either. National Preparedness Month is upon us. However, just like any other mother would, we were preparing all along. Not only are we offering promotional packages with various items for survival kits at reduced prices, our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been hard at work protecting your stores and your benefit.

For just over a week, the EOC has been active at the headquarters. The EOC provides guidance and assistance for the continuity of operations during any high-level event that impacts the operation of the commissary system. Hurricanes are nothing to mess around with and Dorian certainly became a mother of storm very quickly. Because of the severity, the EOC was proactive in protecting your stores, your product and your wellbeing. Through coordinated efforts, generators were moved to store most likely to lose power during high winds and rain. This protects your food from spoilage in the event of a loss of power. We worked with logistics to stage delivery truck to at-risk-locations, as well. The EOC wants to get water and other essentials to impacted areas as quickly as possible to mitigate after effects.

Moreover, we care about the safety and security of our customers and employees. Many of your stores in expected impact areas are closed or closing early. If bases are evacuated, our employees at those bases go, too. People come first and our commitment to you is at the forefront. We continue to provide necessary support to impacted areas. We will get closed stores open again as quickly as possible. Damaged stores will be repaired in order to support our patrons and provide the benefit they deserve. Moreover, we will continue to provide as much information as necessary about store status through all our channels of communication. Nature may become a mother sometimes, but we will become a mother, too, to protect what’s ours: our people, our patrons, and our produce. We will secure and nurture our homes. Our instinct is to be prepared and that’s what we are doing.

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