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Don’t Follow the Crowd

When the crowd is going one way, it’s usually a good idea to go the other direction. We don’t want to do the same things or we will get lost in the same problems. We could fall off the same cliff or run into the same barrier. At the Defense Commissary Agency, we go a little against the grain. We don’t follow the crowd. Alas, we like to spice things up to really get the people into a frenzy. The thing is, we don’t want to follow the crowd. We don’t want to run with the masses. We might take a few short cuts on the track in order to get out in front.

Why follow the masses anyway? Which crowd would we follow? We aren’t a grocery store. We don’t compare ourselves to Hy-Vee, Food Lion, Kroger or Aldi. Our rewards card doesn’t even offer you rewards. It’s a database to digitally clip coupons. It makes it a little easier than carrying around all those paper ones but you aren’t rewarded with points for using it. The reward is something more. The experience is everything. The little things that annoy you sometimes are also what separates us from the crowd. We don’t want to be just your normal, everyday grocery store. That is not a winning combination. So we separate ourselves by going against the grain.

We like to reset the entire store. Yes, we hear your complaints but it’s all for you. You get new items, fresh product, new shelves, more space and an all-around better experience. Other stores might reset a few shelves at a time but we want to give you a whole new store with a reset. Deleted products: yes, we hear your frustration. Yet, we also know what you want for products. We have an entire team that combs through data every day to make sure you are being served with the products you want most. We have to make use of the space we have and serve as many patrons as possible. If one item is not selling, we aren’t keeping it on the shelf when we can serve more patrons with a different one. Other stores will keep it on the shelf and push it to customers through marketing and deals. They need to sell it so they will entice you any way they can. We want you to buy only the groceries you want and not be pushed into buying something else. If it doesn’t sell, it’s gone.

We want you to have an experience. That experience requires us to go against the grain and push through the crowd. Do things differently and you will stand out. Be unusual. Be different. It is difficult but it makes us better. It takes courage but the reward is worth it. We aren’t a grocery store. We are your commissary. We are a home away from home. We are different because we choose to be and because you need us to be.

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