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The More the Merrier

We aren’t just a grocery store. It seems cliché. Every grocery store wants to be more than a grocery. To say you sell groceries is nothing exciting. I can pick up sushi at my local gas station (although I wouldn’t recommend that). Grocery stores are bland, generic and not exciting, at all. Some people even hate uttering the words: grocery store. To them grocery shopping is a chore that is about as exciting as going to the dentist. Albeit, it might be cheaper and less painful. Even looking at the words grocery store sends feelings of blandness and dismissal shivering inside. You just can’t make the words grocery store exciting.

Good thing we are not just a grocery store. Far from it actually. Selling groceries is what we do, not who we are. In fact, selling groceries is only a small part of your commissary system. Our mission is: “Deliver a vital benefit of the military pay system that sells grocery items at significant savings while enhancing quality of life and readiness.” Who we are is the vehicle that enhances your quality of life and military readiness. This gets me pumped just typing it. We are not a grocery store. The commissary is an earned benefit. It’s called a benefit because it benefits your life. All you have to do is take a peek at our website to find a whole arena of programs, events, recipes, actions, rewards and passion for increasing your quality of life. Rewards, sales and savings save you money but that directly increases your military readiness. Our nutrition guide program helps you make smart purchasing choices in your store by identifying, organic, whole grain and low carb food options.

We have an entire library of dietitian-approved recipes for you and your family. This is no small feat but we do it because we are about your quality of life and military readiness. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our partnerships with ProCamps helps encourage your young family members to be active while having fun and learning new skills. Our partnership with Healthy Lifestyle Festival helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Events like Mission Barbeque promote community involvement and camaraderie. Partner sweepstakes give us an opportunity to give back by giving eligible shoppers a change to experience life changing events.

Calling us a grocery store doesn’t do us justice. We are your home away from home. You make memories with us. The commissary is what gives you that sense of home when you are in Korea, Turkey, Germany or Japan. You have exclusive access to locations less than 1% of Americans can get into. No other grocery store can say that. Then again, no other grocery store is like us because we are not a grocery store. We are your family, your home and your life. We enhance your quality of life and we do it with a smile.

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