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Summer Sizzles

Summer is here. Your favorite TV show just ended. Football doesn’t start until August. Kids are almost out of school and temperatures are heating up. So much is changing and it’s hard to keep up. It seems like the only thing no changing is going to the same job every day. After Father’s Day, it’s going to be a scorcher. You’re going to have to entertain the kids somehow. How do we keep up with the change of pace? Fear not. Your commissary might be just the place to bring it all together. There is so much happening, it’s enough to keep you and your family busy while saving money at the same time.

First off, let the commissary heat up the grilling master in you. One promotion gives you the chance to win a Weber Grill. Visit your local commissary for instruction. Also, your commissary is cutting huge deals for the grill masters through Sept. 1. Check with your meat department to learn more about these sizzling offers. Time for a survey? DeCA is gathering information from you through a survey on our website www.commissaries.com. Secondly, you can text “Commissary” to 467467 for a chance to win a $25 commissary gift card with mymilitarysavings.com. Speaking of grilling, you can check out all our dietician approved recipes to help with achieving the level of grill master: https://www.commissaries.com/recipes/all-recipes?title=grilled&sort_by=created&items _per_page=9.

That’s only half of our current promotions and there is even more exciting things happening. Commissary brands continue to expand with Tippy Toes®, Flock’s Finest®, Top Care® and Full Circle® being added to HomeBase and Freedom’s Choice options. Look to our sales flyer for great deals on even more items. Of course you can always view all our current promotions here: https://commissaries.com/rewards-and-savings/savings-center/current-promotions. On top of this, we continue to expand our CLICK2GO service to other bases so you don’t have to get out of your car on those blistering days. Finally, be sure to hang out with your favorite football stars when ProCamps® comes to your base.

See, all the fun, excitement and savings doesn’t stop because the sun is aligned differently. Since the days are getting longer, we want the savings to be grander. We are just taking the opportunity to make you summer a memorable one. If you wind up saving some coin in the process, that just means we are doing our jobs to the max. The increase in fun, increase in sweepstakes, savings and all-around-good-time can only mean one thing: summertime at your commissary sizzles.

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