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Rollout Continues as The New CLICK2GO Comes to Oceana NAS

We are continuing to roll out our new CLICK2GO service integrated with our enterprise business system, as we prepare to launch it at a second location – the Oceana NAS Commissary – on June 3!

Expanding The New CLICK2GO Service

CLICK2GO can make grocery shopping simpler and more convenient for you. Whether you’re a parent who’s tired of trying to corral the kids while trying to shop, a customer with restricted mobility who needs some help with the heavy lifting or just someone who needs to fit grocery shopping into your already busy schedule, CLICK2GO is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Curbside Pickup is as Easy as 1-2-3 with CLICK2GO!

  1. Place your order on our website.
  2. We’ll select and bag your groceries.
  3. Drive to the store at your scheduled time to pay and pick up your order at the curb!

This is just one more way Your Commissary is helping you save more money and time!

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of the new CLICK2GO service at Fort Eustis Commissary on March 1 and the news that the next store expected to receive the new CLICK2GO service was the Oceana NAS Commissary. That post also provided more information about the CLICK2GO service itself. You can find that post here. As with the Fort Eustis launch, CLICK2GO customers at Oceana NAS Commissary won’t be charged a service fee at first as an introductory offer, but a $4.95 service fee will be applied to each CLICK2GO order beginning July 8. We hope you’ll try and enjoy CLICK2GO during this free trial from June 3 through July 7!

worker picks item from the shelf for CLICK2GO orderReserved parking spots for CLICK2GO at the Oceana NAS Commissarycustomer picking up CLICK2GO order curbside

The Future of CLICK2GO

We’re hard at work on expanding the new CLICK2GO to more commissary locations! We will certainly update you when we have more news to share about this, so we encourage you to stay tuned! What do you think about the future of our CLICK2GO service? Let us know by commenting below!

Update: We’ve updated this post to add some pictures from the CLICK2GO launch at Oceana NAS Commissary!

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