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In It to Win It

Your commissary is good at saving you money. We continue to expand our store brands and YES! Program items. This increases the number of products that we can offer at low prices. However, we cannot offer ALL products at a lower price than our competitors. It does not work this way. It would be simple for commissaries to slap a meaningless tag touting big savings on all items and ignore the marketplace off the installation. However, the Defense Commissary Agency is discarding the easy route to ensure its patrons have even more options to save.

One reason we can’t offer all products at a cheaper price is because our items are produced by consumer packaged goods companies and they have costs because they operate for a profit. These suppliers want to make a profit on each item. That means the cost of those items are transferred to the commissary when we acquire them. Secondly, we are required by Congress to save patrons money on average 23.7%. However, this only applies to the overall savings and not an individual item savings. Combine these factors with our limited budget and we have the current state of affairs at the commissary.

However, we are prepared to meet these challenges head on. Competitive market based pricing allows the commissary to lower prices on trending items that retailers often reduce temporarily as “loss leaders” to attract customers into their stores hoping they’ll buy other higher-priced products, too. Consider competitive market based pricing the idea of smoothing out savings across all products. We can adjust prices to meet savings criteria for high cost goods that we can’t receive cheaper than our competitors while taking the hit and listing those products at a competitive price. This is offset by trying to make up the difference in goods we can get cheaper than our competitor. No longer do we have to sell at cost.

To take it a step further, we introduced YES! to give you year-round savings on items you generally buy. This means more savings now and in the future over the same products found in nearby grocery stores. Prices for YES! items can also dip even lower during promotional periods. This is the endgame. We want to ensure your trip to the commissary is worth it. Again, we can’t have lower prices on every product, but we will certainly try our best. There is no need to shop anywhere else. Your commissary has great prices on everything you need to keep your family happy and healthy.

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