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Game of Grocers

Between battles lost and won lay empires. We seem to be winning the battle of the grocers. In the April 16 edition of Consumer Reports, the Defense Commissary Agency stores were ranked 12th out of 96 grocery chains. That’s fairly high makes and it shows our initiatives to bring DeCA into the 21st Century is paying off. Even without dragons on our side, we were able to score 86 in the survey that collected responses from 75,000 readers. After a devastating Sunday for viewers of your favorite television show, we are relieved that we survived the next round of Game of Grocers. Those that received higher marks will be dealt with soon enough. Commissary patrons know the value of the benefit and will fight for it.

In the Consumer Reports summary they applauded commissaries for offering “competitive prices for the astounding 38,000 items they sell. Prices here are generally good year-round.” This is no small feat. The survey covered store cleanliness, selection of healthy options, prices of organic options, selection of locally produced products, staff courtesy, checkout speed, produce quality and variety, competitiveness of pricing, fresh-store prepared foods, meats/poultry quality, store brand quality, and available variety of international and multicultural products. However, in this Game of Grocers, the battle is not over. The Grocery Throne lies empty.

A score of 86 is not enough for us to settle for what we have. The struggle continues and we will not rest until we reach the top. Other grocery chains stand in our way. We will fight fair. With you supporting us, we will reach the top. We don’t have dragons and we don’t have an army of undead. We have a community of heroes behind us. They fight for us so we fight for them. We can only be victorious together. We will win the Game of Grocers and sit upon the Grocery Throne.

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