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Smithfield Slammer

I bet you thought the end of the holidays meant the end of awesome promotions at your commissary. Well we don’t like to tell you when you are wrong but our sales and excitement is just getting started. For this one, we are bringing all the big players together. I’m talking loud noise, cheering, fast cars, and or course … ham. It’s time to fuel up your family with a VIP Race Day experience. You read that right. You could win and entire race day experience complete with two nights at any CONUS NASCAR experience and much more!

This promotion package includes a meet and greet with Aric Amirola along with spending cash; not just for you but for two people.   I’m calling this one the Smithfield Slammer. It’s a slam dunk win with our partner, Smithfield. In case you are wondering, Aric Amirola is the driver for the Number 10 Smithfield car. To make it a little more exciting, we are offering 15 first-place prize winnings to the tune of a commissary gift card worth $50. That’s not bad for second place. If you want to know more about this exciting promotion, you can visit your commissary and find the Smithfield displays or go to https://www.smithfielddecasweeps.com.

The best part is it’s extremely easy to enter. Go to your commissary. We know you are there anyway. Purchase any three Smithfield products in a single transaction. Take a photo of your receipt and then text it along with the key word “DECA” to 797979. That’s it. Simple and easy and you will be on your way to a VIP Race Day Experience … or $50 gift card. That’s not too bad either. Don’t forget: the sweepstakes ends May 5th. Head over to your commissary, save some cash, buy that Easter ham and get entered for the experience of a lifetime, all at the same time.

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