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“Rack”ing up the Savings

Innovation drives change but partnerships drive success. Partnership provides the opportunity to offer unique value to you, the customer. The timing could not be better for another partnership that benefits you in more ways than we could have hoped. Sinus and flu season is hitting us hard, but luckily we have a great team and wonderful partners to step in and provide relief. We find this opportunity with the year-round seasonal display racks found at the front of the store. The last three years all vendors, who were willing to participate, opted in on a cost-sharing option to secure space on the year round seasonal rack.   The vendors pay for rack space which means there is no investment incurred by the commissary. Due to the success of the program last year, suppliers purchased 60 more racks for commissaries.

A total of 179 CONUS stores, along with 21 Europe and 12 Pacific stores will participate. Vendors agree to properly stock the racks, knowing that not completing this action will be subject to one losing display space to the competition with no reimbursement put forth in purchasing. Vendors also agree to handle mark down of items after the completion of the season savings drive. This means even more savings on items you need the most. In total, you get new items and new displays with new, better savings. We couldn’t be happier with our partners for giving us the chance to provide such great savings.

The most exciting part is the chance to purchase these new and exciting products at a great value. We ask a lot from our partners simply because we have the best customers who deserve the best prices. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and “rack” up the savings this season. Stay tuned for more amazing announcements. Our promotions and products are always changing in order to support you. See you at your commissary! Come build memories with us.

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