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Playing it Safe

There are a lot of working parts that are necessary to get you the groceries you need and deserve. Your commissary works hard behind the scenes as part of a well-oiled machine. Because of all these moving parts, safety is a top priority for DeCA. Not only do we work to keep employees safe, but patrons, as well. “We work hard to keep work areas clean and in order. Management and staff hold each other accountable, and look out for each other, together we put safety at the top of our priority list” says Kelly Robinson, Commissary Officer at Air Force Academy. Because of their efforts, Air Force Academy Commissary ended calendar year 2018 with zero accidents and a clean safety record.

This is no small feat. According to Customer Service Manager, Barbara Vigil, “Safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility from performing duties in a safe manner, reporting any unsafe conditions and practicing the buddy system.” Having a commissary that achieves 100% clean safety record is impressive but also beneficial to the patrons and employees. “Safety is a team effort, which not only protects employees, but all internal and external customers from harmful situations,” says Christian Shumate, the Produce Manager at Air Force Academy. Playing it safe translates to better customer service and a better customer store. It gives employees a sense of pride that they are good at providing the benefit to our patrons. Safe stores have higher rates of moral, team work and overall better feeling. Our passion to maintain readiness for our customers is increased.

As you can see, safety is a team effort that pays dividends and is engrained in all training and operations. “Use the buddy system and let others know when they are not being completely safe.   Continually watch for safety shoes and gloves when needed, as well as cold weather gear. Let others know that you are watching for safety by asking questions and reminding to lift correctly” says June Maldonado, the Assistant Commissary Officer. Just as service members use the buddy system to protect them, we do also. It increased comraderies in the stores and amongst the team. It’s an extension of our family values.

With our employees protected, our patrons can also feel safe. Everything is easier when we are safe. We can do our jobs better, with better moral, increased efficiency and with more benefit to our patrons. Kudos to the Air Force Academy for achieving this esteemed status. We hope this will inspire other commissaries to strive for the same record. When we play it safe, everyone wins…employees, managers and patrons.

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