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Beyond the Benefit


The contributions of the Defense Commissary Agency go well beyond groceries. We are more than a grocery and to some, we are a way of life. While DeCA continues to improve readiness and sustainability for our service members, we want to go beyond the benefit. We want to be more because being standard is not good enough. Your commissary is a place to smile, visit with family, chat and feel at home while thousands miles away. Your commissary is a place to gather memories.

Surveys consistently rate commissaries as one of the military’s top non-pay benefits. Many young service families, particularly those stationed in high-cost-of-living urban areas, simply could not make ends meet without the price savings provided by commissaries. Yet, your commissary strives to go beyond the benefit. Memories of your childhood are far more powerful than savings on groceries. We invite you to gather memories of your own. Share your memories of the commissary on social media or write to us. Think back to the times you went to your commissary with your parents. As your memories grow with us, the more we grow beyond the benefit.

Today, the process of providing a quality benefit while reducing taxpayer costs continues as DeCA concentrates on its corporate objectives: continually improve customer service and sustain customer savings; foster a corporate culture that creates a satisfying work force environment and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth; and increase effectiveness and efficiency through disciplined integration of technology, infrastructure and business process improvements. Yet, it is the memories we provide to the patrons that drive us every day. Those memories are priceless. Let’s gather memories together.

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