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Sourcing the Source

Whether its non-GMO, organic, less packaging, home delivery or sugar-free, changes in buying habits drive changes at your commissary. The Defense Commissary Agency’s position in the Department of Defense promotes readiness of the service member by enhancing quality of life and quality of the community. Because of our mission, DeCA is promoting the sourcing of local foods wherever possible. According to Institute of Grocery Distribution senior trend analyst Toby Pickard, support for local offerings is positively perceived by shoppers as it helps them sustain their community and feel part of something unique. This is just one of the many changes underway at your commissary.

According to our category manage for produce, Bridget Bennet, “the commissary is committed to increasing local produce in our commissaries when and where available to encourage the freshest products for our customers. DeCA’s contracts require the vendors to provide local fresh fruits and vegetables to the fullest extent possible.” This means our patrons will have access to locally sourced, fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, our commitment to savings means you can save money while making a difference in your local community. We call that a winning formula.

Toby Pickard also notes the shift to locally sourced produce will require frequently rotated ranges in the sourcing and also increased complexity to the supply chain. Please keep in mind, the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables worldwide is based upon availability and peak growing seasons. The price of produce, worldwide, fluctuates daily, depending upon availability, seasonality, and the area where it has to be obtained. However, this is just one of the ways your commissary is looking toward the 21st century along with many other changes. Change can be painful and slow but the end result is sustainability, quality of life for you and your own hand at maintaining sustainability in your own communities.

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