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Scholarships for Military Children 2019 School Year

Scholarships for Military Children

As if we couldn’t push out any more exciting news, we have decided to kick off the New Year with another “thank you.” We are always looking for ways to recognize the contributions of military families to readiness and celebrates the commissary’s role in enhancing military quality of life. I am talking about scholarships for military children. The Scholarships for Military Children Program for school year 2019 – 2020 kicked off December 14 but there is still plenty of time to apply. Fisher House Foundation, the sponsor of the scholarship, will accept applications until 15 February, but don’t wait. Your quality product will give you a better chance of winning some financial help with school.

This marks the first time the entry process will happen entirely online. To submit your application, or for more information on the scholarship, got to https://www.militaryscholar.org/. It’s free, easy to use, and available on mobile devices or computers. While you’re there, check out the other military themed scholarships that may benefit your family. You can even donate to the cause. For application and award details, you can even send an email to militaryscholar@scholarshipmanagers.com. We want every eligible applicant to have a chance so ensure your sponsor and you are enrolled in DEERS.

The commissary and military sponsors are always looking for ways to give back. Thus far, Scholarships for Military Children has awarded more than $18 million to 10,814 students. That is a lot of help for our military children. For scholarship year 2019-2020, Fisher House Foundation will award 500 scholarship grants of $2,000 each. Those are no crumbs compared to the cost of college today. We also know that every little bit helps when figuring out ways to support our military and their families. So, take a few minutes and apply. You may be glad you did.

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