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Military Fit Family Essay Contest

Every now and then we ask for a little something from our patrons. We do our best to provide the readiness and sustainability your military family needs. Since it is the season for giving, your moment has arrived. First, let me tell you the good news. You’ve seen him tear down restaurants and build them back up on Restaurant: Impossible, tackle the mystery baskets on Chopped, and cook for thousands with no equipment and no time on Dinner: Impossible. This celebrity chef is Robert Irvine and you have a chance to meet him in person. Better yet, he can provide a cookout for your family and guests! The catch is we need something from you. That “something” is a few words in the form of an essay. Not so bad, right?

So here’s the deal: obesity rates in America are at an all-time high. This not good for American families or our service families. So we need an essay from you on how to turn this around. Explain what you and your family can do to become healthier. Tell us your goals as a family. More importantly share with us how your local commissary and exchange can support those goals. We only need 500 words from you for a chance to get Robert Irvine to cook for you. We think that is a great deal and one for the record books. So if this sounds like something awesome, dust off those writing skills and get your work of art to us. We simply expect your contribution by 31 January.

For more information and to submit your essay visit www.MilitaryFitFamily.com. Since the New Year is here and the holidays are over, it’s business as usual. It’s not often we ask our military families for something, but we feel this is important. Together, the commissary and military families, we can tackle obesity at home. You can even get your own personal cookout with the Great Robert Irvine. We hope to read your contribution.

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