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You Are Not in Kansas Anymore

So you PCS’d or went TDY to another base, a different base. Maybe it is one state over or across the country. Maybe it is an entirely different country. No matter where you are, you are not in Kansas anymore. The culture is different. The people are different. The accent is different. You go to the commissary but find out that your commissary is different, too! Of all the things you expected to be different, the least was the commissary. You wanted the same products, the same prices and the same smiling Sales Store Checker. Well you already know we aren’t going to move the commissary people when you move, but we can explain why commissaries are all different.

First, enjoy the uniqueness of your store. Explore your access to new and exciting products. You may find a new favorite or you may fall in love with a brand you previously did not know existed. The selection of vegan or organic may be larger providing you the non-GMO superfood you always wanted. Many of our products are only available to certain regions. German foods are plentiful at commissaries in Germany but difficult to obtain in CONUS. Some of your favorite products may only be available through small distributors that operate in a corner of the U.S. We want you to have access to these products when they are available rather than simply not offer them altogether.

Second, we consistently deliver groceries worldwide to provide a ‘taste of home’ wherever military personnel and family members are assigned. But the taste of home also varies depending on the cultural and demographic makeup of patrons. We try to provide some consistency within the organization. With mass movement of troops from one location to another, we would be hard pressed to play catchup with product assortment each time a base population increased or decreased. Therefore, we operate off of certain demographic profiles for the area where the commissary is located. This means the entire product selection for the store could be different. The largest selection of Mexican food may not be at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, but Anacostia-Bolling in D.C. These product selections are determined by hard data that change over years.

Our decisions are always focused on you. While we can’t make every commissary the same, would you really want that? We want to provide you with the best products at each location. It just so happens those products do not exist everywhere. We have to make product selections based on everyone that shops at each specific commissary.

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