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Your New Commissary Portal

Your commissary agency is constantly looking for ways to make your shopping experience better. So it should be no surprise we developed a new customer portal tailored directly to you, the customer. We wanted to make shopping easier than ever and that starts by empowering our customers with the latest tools and technology. Your commissary is taking a journey into the 21st century and we are bringing you along with us.

The Good

First, when you go to load your coupons on your rewards card, you will be taken to your own customer portal website. Like before, you will need to verify your commissary privileges. Once you verify your privileges, you will be able to access all your important tabs in one central location. You can load coupons, view the sales flyer, access Click2Go and much more. Your local commissary information will be front and center. Because you asked for it, the Shopping List feature is also coming back! The new portal will be my.commissaries.com and is designed to be convenient, easy and mobile.

The Bad

On September 30, 2018, we are going dark. Access to commissaries.com will be limited. For twenty-four hours the Rewards Card will be shut down while we make our move. On October 1, it’s game time. You will have your new customer portal and access to coupons. Your portal might look a little blank at first, but before long, it will be the next best thing since sliced bread. As we continue to add more features with you in mind, your portal will become a hub of personalized shopping and great savings in an easy to navigate page.

The Portal

Our journey to be a 21st century grocer is constantly evolving. Your portal is just another step in improving your overall commissary experience. You can expect more exciting features to be added with you, the customer, being the focus of everything we do. We are in this journey together and we continue to make your commissary worth the trip. We plan to grow this portal to offer more features in the future, so we encourage you to register today and visit MyCommissary often to help maximize your commissary savings!

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