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We Care About You

It’s Family Meals Matter month and we care about you. Since your little hero is back to school by now, we are taking a hard look your family’s readiness and resilience. In keeping with commissary tradition, this means saving you money while making it easier for your family to stay healthy. Studies show that children who consume high in nutrients perform better on school aptitude tests and are able to concentrate better. “One way, to improve the nutrition quality of your family’s diet, is to cook more meals at home. This is because you can control the quality of the ingredients and limit unnecessary fat, sodium and sugar, while at the same time offering more fruits and vegetables,” said DeCA dietitian, Deborah Harris, MPH, RD, CDE.

We understand that time is an issue for most families trying to manage work and after school activities so we have created Dietitian-Approved meal solutions ‘Thinking Outside the Box.” These meal solutions can be on the table as quickly as the time it takes to go through the drive-thru.   We currently have over 65 of these great meals solutions that can help you plan your weekly menu. Visit our healthy living tab on our website at https://www.commissaries.com/healthy-living/healthy-eats. As a bonus, each meal solution provides some great nutrition information and tips on how to build a healthy meal pattern

Your commissary strives to go above and beyond to support mission readiness and resiliency. The commissary has purposefully taken a course of action that can help shape the lives of our patrons for years to come by not only offering all of the items in a recipe in one location but the shelf-stable items will see a 20 percent reduction in price, saving you money on those healthy home-cooked meals. That’s right, we care so much about your family and your lifestyle that we’re making your healthy meals cheaper.

An additional twenty percent on top of low commissary prices is pretty cool but it doesn’t stop there. That 20 percent reduction is extended to all line items of the sale item. That means all varieties of that item under that brand receive the same discount. So spice up your “Thinking Outside the Box” recipe by changing the flavor, or stock up your shelf stable items for future family meals. You probably don’t care as much about the title as you do the results. We just keep doing what we do best … saving you money. Look for these items in the sales flyer, then create a healthy meal that costs less than you would expect. You can also ask your store director for additional information.

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