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How did they build the pyramids?

Apparently, with skills, planning and lots and lots and lots of manpower. It would not be possible without plans, leadership and work ethic. This holds true to the management structure of the commissary system. Each is necessary and each has its place. The hierarchy lets us build the pyramids in commissary form. It’s big, complex and serves almost no purpose to the untrained eye, just like pyramids. Store hierarchy and headquarters hierarchy are also structured like a pyramid with positions becoming fewer as the grade level increases.

Grocery Stores and a Whole Lot More

Most commissaries are organized similarly to traditional retail grocery stores. The functions are arranged into department, each with a unique responsibility:

  • Customer Service: Includes a limited access area, a customer service center and front-end cash registers
  • Grocery: Sells perishable and semi-perishable food items and household products
  • Management Support: Provides administrative, computer, and resources functions related to the operation of the store
  • Meat: Processes and displays fresh and packaged meats and merchandise received frozen and sold chilled
  • Produce: Processes and displays fresh fruits, vegetables, and household plants
  • Receiving: Receives and verifies all merchandise, except for meat and produce
  • Everyone else: stockers, cashiers, attendants, etc.

The More

Stores provide the manpower, and headquarters provides the operational support. This requires departments in logistics, sales, legal, HR, IT, operations, marketing, etc. all working together … just like building the pyramids to support the stores. We have to cut the blocks of granite, ship them to the site, move them into place based off blueprints, all without losing a life. Except in our case it isn’t granite, it’s groceries. Also, it took 20 years to build a single pyramid but it takes only days to move groceries into the store. We may not be building pyramids, but if we were we could get it done in a fraction of the time.

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