Let’s Reset

Okay, the store has been reset and now you can’t find anything. The aisles are rearranged, products are deleted and the store layout is confusing. Some customers’ rationale would be “DeCAs goal was to drive customers away to so we can close the commissary.” The opposite of that is “You are just doing it to increase sales.” Both assessments can’t be right but both assessments can be wrong. Besides, if sales was all we cared about we wouldn’t close the store for days to do a reset.

The store

You want your store looking clean and new and so do we. So every so often we have to reset it. We don’t want old, bent and unaligned shelves in the store. Shoppers have a tendency to stand on bottom shelves to reach product on the higher shelves. This limits their life. Shelves only have a 10 year warranty and succumb to wear over time. Our smaller stores also have less personnel to keep up with the latest products and processes so they need a little extra help from Headquarters to keep things in order.

The shopping

On top of making your store experience better, we also need to make sure the store suits the needs of the customers. There are changing trends on product selection and shopping behavior over time and generation. The military is a unique organization that involves periodic mass movements of people. Retirees also tend to stay around the base from where they retire. We have to reset to match the activity of our primary shoppers.

The change

Resetting the store is supposed to better take care of your needs, not take away from them. It may seem pointless to flip around a store that has stayed the same for 10 years, but actually follows shopping science. This science follows the shopping patterns of the store as a whole. We have to support all shoppers of all ages with different brand likes. So let’s reset on the resets. There is more than meets the eye.

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