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Back-to-School Savings Study Prep

Back-to-School Study Prep at Your Commissary

Back-to-School Sidewalk Sales

Class is in session! Well, almost, at least… school will start soon for children and college students alike, if it hasn’t already, and Your Commissary wants to help you prepare! So find your desk and pull out your notebook, because it’s time to study for our 2018 Back-to-School Sidewalk Sales! (Don’t worry – we promise we’re not grading you – just rewarding you with great savings!)

What is a Back-to-School Sidewalk Sale?

This sales event, which we’re holding in lieu of our annual Commissary Customer Appreciation Case Lot Sale, is kicking off now! Almost all commissaries worldwide will hold a Back-to-School Sidewalk Sale on select dates from the beginning of August through the end of October.

What products will be available?

These sidewalk sales will focus on the products you need to start your student’s school year off right by fixing family breakfasts, fresh-packed school lunches and after-school snacks for children.

“Eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy products and whole grains can be part of building healthy eating patterns, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

-Deborah Harris, Defense Commissary Agency Dietitian

They may also offer products such as club packs, cases of breakfast cereals, bottled water and more.

“Our commissaries offer lots of products in all categories that fit into a school kid’s day.”

-Tracie Russ, Director of Sales, Defense Commissary Agency

Will stores hold farmers’ markets?

Yes, some may hold local farmers’ markets, so we encourage you to check Your Commissary’s store web page or ask your local produce manager if one is scheduled in your area.

When will my store hold its sidewalk sale?

Most commissaries worlwide are participating in this event, so click the button below to view the full schedule and learn when Your Commissary may be holding its sidewalk sale:

Back-to-School Sidewalk Sales Schedule

Enter the  “Hard Work Pays Off” Back-to-School Sweepstakes!

Enter the "Hard Work Pays Off" Back-to-School Sweepstakes!
Please click the image above for complete details and an alternate method of entry.

Use your MILITARY STAR® card twice at any exchange and twice at the commissary during the month of August 2018 for your chance to win!

100 winners will receive a $250 gift card package, which will include a $100 commissary gift card, $100 exchange gift card and a $50 entertainment or Exchange food court gift card.

Make Back-to-School Shopping as Easy as 1-2-3 with our Shopping List!

Back-to-School Shopping List

Your Commissary and Exchange Services worked jointly to develop a shopping list that’s designed to make back-to-school shopping a snap at military installations around the world!

You can find the list on our website.

Class dismissed!

But before you go, please share your thoughts in the comments below! Is your family ready for the new school year? How does shopping at Your Commissary help with this?

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