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It takes a village

Repeat after me: it takes a village … of hard working employees … for the commissary system … to succeed. Actually, it probably takes more than a village. We have over 15,000 employees across 238 stores in 14 countries. That’s not just a village, it’s behemoth of moving parts. To get groceries on store shelves is a lot more complicated than you think. Now you want to add another product to the mix?

Step by step

Well, my friend, you may not be getting that gluten-free, preservative-free, calorie-free, fat-free, range-free, non-GMO superfood anytime soon. First the item would have to be presented to DeCA’s merchandizers the companies who sell us product. Companies should back up their position with research on the product. However, our merchandizers with review our own data on the product before we decide to pick it up. This data needs to support the uniqueness, sales record, safety, marketability and advertising support of your non-GMO superfood.

Is that all?

Data might support taking on new products but other barriers may prevent us from doing so. Planograms will show if your commissary has room for it or if we can reduce some facings in order to make room. Then we have to run analyses again to see how the change in planograms reduce future sales. If the change in planograms is approved, every planogram would have to be adjusted. This could be 25 different plans. That’s a lot of work to get you that special something. Additionally, new products may not live up to the hype and are pulled back (That’s where your coffee went).

So … no new product?

Patrons have extensive power and DeCA wants to ensure we are meeting the needs of the patrons. We won’t add a product unless we think you will buy it. If you don’t buy it, we are wasting space on products that you might. So when your request for a new product is denied, it’s nothing personal. Either we don’t have the space, no one else has asked for it, or we tried it out already and it bombed.

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