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The world owes me

You may feel like the world owes you something, but what is achieved is through hard work and skill.  You cannot snap your fingers and expect half your problems to go away like, Thanos in Infinity War (no spoilers here).  I am referring to the hiring processes of DeCA.  While we make every effort to fill open positions, it is not a straightforward process.  Nor should you assume you will get any job you apply to.  We receive complaints that candidates applied for jobs six months ago and have not heard back. 


Working at DeCA is exciting, meaningful, and rewarding, but not everyone gets in.  We are kind of an exclusive club; only we pay you to join. Hiring DeCA employees follows a strict process.  We are not required to respond to each and every applicant, nor do we have the resources to follow up with applicant.  Headquarters personnel and those that ask to market positions, also have limited updates on position status.  For any questions regarding vacancy announcements, please contact the person listed as the point of contact on the job announcement. You may also call (614) 692-7831 or send an email to HRC-D.DECAHR.APPLICANT@DLA.MIL.  For questions regarding your own application status, contact Defense Logistics Agency.

Human (re)sources

Who is eligible for commissary positions can be confusing.  Positions in the commissaries are competitive service positions. Under the provisions of Executive Order 11935, only individuals who are citizens or Nationals of the United States may compete for, and be appointed to, competitive service positions in the federal government. In overseas locations, an individual may be eligible for employment under host country local national employment conditions. However, these laws and regulations differ from country to country and are dependent upon many circumstances. DOD Instruction 1400.25, Vol 1230, provides policy and guidance pertaining to “Employment in Foreign Areas.” If seeking employment in an overseas location, contact the local host nation civilian personnel office.

Our fine print

We follow all applicable laws in regards to hiring practices.  No one is assumed to get a position and only the best candidate is hired to fill vacant positions.  The process takes time to advertise, interview, select, notify and acquire new employees.  It is not a smooth process but it’s the best one we have.  So take the opportunity and apply for something.  Don’t give up; apply again.  At least you can say you tried.  Besides, we don’t hire quitters.

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