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Your store director is not Superman

It’s a radical concept, I know. Your store directors are not Superman. They have no super powers. Nor can they fly, reverse time, lift buildings, reflect bullets or shoot lasers from deep blue eyes. Your store director has power but he cannot move mountains. However, they are responsible for the general welfare, security and operations of their assigned commissary.

Alright, what can a store director do?

Your store directors have direct management over their assigned commissary. They make sure products are ordered, stores are clean, employees come to work and are properly trained. Stateside, that leaves out the deli/bakery since these are operated by independent companies. Store directors manage employees and indirectly manage baggers. They place orders for new equipment and enforce guidance issued by headquarters. In short, you should expect your store director to make sure your store is running smoothly. They have a responsibility to provide excellent customer service, to solve certain issues and ensure enough employees are on shift to operate effectively.

So why isn’t my store director superman?

They can’t get you whatever product you want. Product availability is determined by category managers in the sales department at headquarters. They can, however, help you with special orders if you are ordering large quantities of product. They can’t change the store hours. Stores hours are coordinated between management and installation command based on a number of factors that include operational needs and budget. While store directors interview potential employees, actual hiring and firings are the responsibility of Human Resources. A store director cannot release an employee on the spot simply because you don’t like them.

Makes sense, I guess…

Store directors are critical to the success of the commissary system. They have a lot of power but power comes with responsibility. Most likely, your store director would give you the moon if you asked for it. It is simply not within his power to do so. So the next time you are in your commissary, don’t be afraid to stop by the store director’s office. Just keep in mind that your store director is just like you, human.

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