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If I had a nickel

Well you can get a nickel. You may get a bunch of nickels…maybe even a whole bunch of nickels. I am talking, of course, about the Commissary Rewards Card. It is similar to retail store loyalty cards, except, a little better. I might be biased but they don’t pay for batting for the other side.

So what is a rewards card?

Well, the name may be a little deceiving (I didn’t come up with it). You don’t get rewards back, but you can certainly save some nickels with digital coupons, commissary only coupons and sweepstakes exclusive to the Commissary Rewards Card. The best part is, it’s all done online. You don’t have to cut out coupons from mailers or the Sunday newspaper. With the Commissary Rewards Card, you save time and money.   Just select the coupons you want to use from the website and swipe your rewards card during your next visit to the commissary. You can still use coupons with Yes! items that are already low price. That’s a lot nickels in your pocket…or bank account.

Cool. How do I get one?

Simply pick up your Rewards Card at any Commissary location worldwide, register it, and you’re ready to start saving.  Keep in mind our coupon redeeming policy is also in effect when using the rewards card. Don’t forget to download the Commissary Rewards Card app to make saving money even easier.

But I have paper coupons too

Digital coupons and paper coupons can both be used, but only one coupon can be sued per item. We ask that the Commissary Rewards Card be scanned at the start of the transaction. So that’s it. It’s an easy and convenient way to save even more nickels on the stuff you buy already.

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