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No, you make me a sandwich.

I can certainly make you a sandwich. The commissary system is a well-rounded and well-oiled machine. Part of that machine is the deli/bakery where you can get made-to-order cakes, sandwiches, cheeses, specific-cut meats and hopefully, a waiting smile. Moreover, not all commissary stores have a deli or a bakery. Overseas, the deli/bakery is another part of your commissary. The staff operating in OCONUS delis are commissary employees with a vested interest in your satisfaction.

Enter….deli/bakery contractor

Your deli/bakery is an Agency-contracted service in CONUS stores. This makes their operation slightly harder for Defense Commissary Agency to control. Your store director has no direct authority over the deli/bakery in their store. However, your store director does have general control of the safety and operations of the commissary. DeCA headquarters has contracting officers that can address certain issues with the deli and have more impact over the specific operations of the deli/bakery.

How does it work?

The deli/bakery contractor offers products that attempt to meet the needs of the customer, based on the best-selling products in their many other locations. Essentially, which products the deli/bakery sells, or doesn’t sell, is based on sales data and trends. The contractor is not required by DeCA to sell any particular brand-name product; that decision is left to the contractor. The hours of operation the deli/bakery is open is listed in the contract with DeCA. It is also based on hard data from foot traffic and sales analysis.

What can you do?

As with all contracts, their renewal is based on performance. You, the patrons, have real power when determining the life of the commissary deli/bakery. Sales data, customer feedback and complaints to headquarters are gathered and analyzed when determining contract performance. Since your deli/bakery operates for the purpose profit, they have a vested interest in increasing sales and decreasing complaints. You can direct your suggestions to the bakery personnel or store director to help them understand your concerns. Now, go get that sandwich.

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