I get excited just by saying it.  You can almost feel the energy if you say it yourself.  Better than yep, the YES! campaign is here.  The YES! campaign is a new initiative aimed at ensuring that DeCA is providing patrons with great savings on a daily basis for many of the items that they buy most frequently. As part of this campaign DeCA will be able to lower prices on hundreds of items across the store…547 items to be exact.  Items in your commissary will be tagged with an orange YES! Label.

The best part is YES! does not interfere with other promotions.  Items which are part of the campaign will still go on promotion and have their prices reduced even further.  How’s that for awesome.  If that wasn’t enough, YES! products will have not set start or end date.  Whereas, promotional items may have reduced prices for a limited time period, YES! is designed to save you money year-round.

We want to ensure you are consistently getting great prices on the products they purchase most, and to improve the savings and value that you are receiving overall at the Commissaries.  Items were selected because they are items and brands you, the patrons, purchase most.  This campaign applies to all Continental U.S. stores.  While you may find off-base grocers with lower prices at times (e.g.,on promotion), we are setting prices so that over the course of a year we will offer savings over what can be found in the market.  With this fantastic news, see you at your commissary!

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